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How to achieve precision mold parts processing_Industry News

How to achieve precision mold parts processing

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017-6-6 13:49:31 Hits:776
    Precise mold parts processing, is through a machining equipment on the parts of the size, or performance changes in the process. So, how to achieve precision mold parts processing? We do not visit to see the following description.
    How to achieve precision mold parts processing
    1, from the hardware, precision mold parts processing is a variety of equipment, such as cars, milling machines, planer, grinder, EDM, walking wire, machining centers, all kinds of equipment, the inherent processing accuracy is not the same, so To achieve precision machining, it is necessary to see how high your parts have the appropriate choice of the corresponding process routes and equipment.
    2, from the software point of view, is the operator's skills, which involves a variety of equipment operators operating skills, these skills include the equipment in-depth understanding of the understanding of the mold processing, processing materials for the understanding of parts, these Skills can be the usual work in the accumulation of slowly, the operator's skills is the key to practice, the theory should understand.
    Precise mold parts processing is from the raw materials (or semi-finished products) made the whole process of the product. For the production of machinery, including the transport and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, rough manufacturing, parts processing and processing, product assembly, and debugging, painting and packaging and so on.