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The status of domestic automation equipment_Industry News

The status of domestic automation equipment

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    Chinese products cheap, low level of technology has been difficult to tear off the label, how to make the Chinese manufacturing into wisdom is already the most concerned about the current business. At present, the domestic manufacturing plant automation, is to better achieve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises!
    The meaning of automation equipment
    Automated systems in the large complete sets of equipment, also known as automation devices. The machine or device is automatically operated or controlled in accordance with prescribed procedures or instructions in the absence of intervention. Therefore, automation is an important condition and a significant sign of modernization of industry, agriculture, national defense and science and technology.
    At present, generally began to use automated testing equipment to improve the quality of shipments, has become an industry trend. And related testing equipment R & D suppliers have begun to be deeply concerned about the manufacturing industry. The use of automation technology can not only reduce the cost of people, but also to expand human organ function, greatly improve labor productivity. Automation technology is widely used in all aspects of society, engaged in intelligent automatic control, digital, networked controller and sensor research and development, production and sales of high-tech companies, many of its functional modules, perfect embedded solutions can meet the maximum Many users of the personalized needs.
    Automated testing equipment strict quality control
    To solve the problem of product quality, some pragmatic companies began the road of innovation, from business management to equipment updates, and gradually upgrade to upgrade to meet the rapidly changing market. An entrepreneur said that if the enterprise does not attach importance to quality, the first loss is the profit, followed by the loss of credibility and customers, the ultimate damage or the enterprise itself.
    In recent years, the introduction of automatic and efficient quality testing equipment has become the choice of most enterprises, automated testing equipment can not only strict quality control, but also solve the enterprise is currently facing "difficult" problem - manpower costs rise, recruitment difficult The
    Modern production and the development of science and technology, the increasing demands for automation technology, but also for the automation of technological innovation provides the necessary conditions, factory automation, office automation, home automation and agricultural automation will become an important part of the new technological revolution The